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Exam title ---> publication needed
Private applicator --> EM020 = $21.00
Laws and safety ----> EM012 = $13.50
Rights of way -------> EM029 = $11.50
Agricultural weed --> EM043 = $11.50
Ornamental weed -> EM035 = $11.50
Insect disease control --> EM051 = $12.00
Aquatic pest control ----> EM039 = $11.50
PCO general or structural --> EM019 = $21.00
Public health pest control -> EM034 = $11.50
Structural pest inspector --> EM013 = $32.00
Soil fumigation ------> EM055 = $22.00

We currently only offer Spanish versions for the following publications:

EM020 Private applicator ---> use EM020S = $21.00

EM035 Ornamental weed
EM012 Laws and safety
---> both books are included in EM023S
= $20.00

2019 Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruits in Washington
Private Applicator Pesticide Education Manual
Washington Pesticide Laws and Safety
Rights-of-Way Vegetation Management
Agricultural Weed Management Principles
Turf and Ornamental Weed Management Principles
Introduction to Insect and Disease Management
Pest Management Study Manual for Pest Control Operators
Public Health Pest Control
Structural Pest Inspector Manual
Soil Fumigation Manual: A National Pesticide Applicator Certification Study Manual
Manual para Aplicadores Privados de Pesticidas (Private Applicator Pesticide Education Manual)
Los Principios de Manejo de las Malezas en Césped y Plantas Ornamentales (Washington Pesticide Laws and Safety, Turf and Ornamental Weed Management Principles and Agricultural Weed Management Principles)

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