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Protecting Honeybees Against Yellowjackets

Art Antonelli ,
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Yellowjackets are usually beneficial because they kill many insect pests. However, some species, such as the western yellowjacket (Paravespula pennsylvanica), the common yellowjacket (P. vulgaris), and the German yellowjacket (P. germanica), can attack honeybees and larvae. This bulletin describes ways to protect honeybees from yellowjackets, including finding the yellowjacket nest and treating it with insecticide, placing bait or attractant traps around the apiary, reducing the honeybee colony entrance, and moving the bee colony. Includes a detailed diagram of a cone yellowjacket trap.

Department(s): Agriculture
Pages / Length: 4

Revision Date: 2010-06
Publication Date: 1988-02-01

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