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Biology of Hop Looper and its Natural Enemies

Tess Grasswitz , D. W. James ,
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The hop looper is a native noctuid moth that was first reported as a pest of hops in the mid-1800s, but until recently has generally been regarded as a relatively minor and sporadic problem. However, it now seems to be developing into a more frequent and damaging pest, probably as a result of the gradual shift away from broad-spectrum organophosphate compounds for the routine control of aphids and mites to more selective products that provide no incidental control of loopers. Research conducted at WSU Prosser IAREC over the past three years has clarified many aspects of the basic biology and phenology of this pest, as well as identifying a variety of natural enemies and quantifying their impact. There is a need to extend this information to growers, as there are a number of misconceptions regarding this pest that need to be overcome if an integrated approach to it's management is to be achieved.

Department(s): Agriculture
Pages / Length: 4
Publication Date: 2008-07-01

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