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History of Home Economics at Washington State University:
Year 75 to Year 100 (1978 - 2003)

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A history of Home Economics at Washington State University from 1978 to 2003 (years 75 to 100) is somewhat difficult to write as it includes a time period when home economics, in general, was questioning its existence and focus. This has happened before, but this time it seemed to be more urgent. A second, more home-based reason was that in 1982 the College of Home Economics was merged with the College of Agriculture. A new College of Agriculture and Home Economics was born. To some, this may seem a minor change, but to many who were directly involved, the change was significant.

The history could be written as a compilation of accomplishments during this period (of which there were many) or as an unfolding of the changes in focus and direction of Home Economics at Washington State University. An excellent discussion of accomplishments by faculty in Home Economics over the past 100 years appeared in the Fall 2003 Connections,

Department(s): Agriculture
Pages / Length: 19
Publication Date: 2005-07-01

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