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Growing Food in Parking Strip and Front Yard Gardens (Home Garden Series)

Craig Cogger ,
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Parking strip and front yard vegetable gardens are increas¬ingly popular in urban neighborhoods in Washington State. These locations may be the sunniest spots in the yard, and they offer an opportunity to expand garden space on small lots. These gardens not only provide fresh produce, but they can also be a source of neighborhood pride, bringing beauty to an urban streetscape and intro¬ducing neighbors to gardening and home-grown food. When planting a parking strip or front yard garden, it is important to assess the site and investigate any local ordinances that may affect it. It is also important to determine soil quality and environmental impacts, particularly on water quality, as well as safety concerns, such as food and traffic safety.

Department(s): Agriculture
Pages / Length: 6
Publication Date: 2013-09-01

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