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Forage Productivity of Vegetative Filter Strips Established on Rill Irrigated Row Fields

Brian Bodah , Jennifer R. Connolly , Dr. Jeffrey L. Ullman , Mark Stannard , Troy Peters , Vicki McCracken , W. L. Pan ,
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Vegetative filter strips are planted strips of land that typically have grasses to act as a filter to catch and filter pollutants out of runoff water. Use of vegetative filter strips are considered a best management practice for agricultural land.

This publication discusses the productivity and forage suitability of certain grasses, including corn, planted in such filter strips on rill-irrigated (“furrow-irrigated”) fields of row crops, based on research done at three separate sites in the Yakima Valley. This information is provided to help growers and land managers consider the practicality of using VFSs on their land.

Department(s): Agriculture
Pages / Length: 6
Publication Date: 4-2016

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