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Digested Fiber Solids: Methods for Adding Value (Anaerobic Digestion Series)

Jim Jensen , Dr. Craig Frear , Dr. Jingwei Ma , Chad Kruger , Rita L. Hummel , Georgine Yorgey ,
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Add value to your anaerobic digestion system by focusing on the digested fibrous solids. Separating fiber from effluent can be the first step to creating numerous value-added products. This publication describes the composition and separation process for fibrous solids that result from the digestion of dairy manures. It also reviews both current and future potential uses of fiber. It is part of the Anaerobic Digestion Systems Series, which provides research-based information to improve decision-making for anaerobic digestion systems for manures and food byproducts.

Department(s): Agriculture
Pages / Length: 15
Publication Date: 11-2016

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