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Advances in Dryland Farming in the Inland Pacific Northwest (PNW697) (REACCh Handbook)

John Abatzoglou , Elizabeth Allen , John Antle , Rakesh Awale , Andy Bary , Edward Bechinski , Prakriti Bista , Kristy Borrelli , Nilsa Bosque-Perez , Tabitha Brown , Susan Capalbo , Paul Carter , Xianming Chen , David W. Crowder , Sanford Eigenbrode , Rajan Ghimire , Haiying Tao , Laurie Houston , David R. Huggins , Kendall Kahl , Elizabeth Kirby , Chad Kruger , Tai Maaz , Stephen Machado , Timothy Murray , Kate Painter , Bill Pan , Timothy Paulitz , Kirti Rajagopalan , Arash Rashed , Silvia I. Rondon , Kurt Schroeder , Clark Seavert , Bradley Stokes , Nicole Tautges , Bertie Weddell , Donald J. Wysocki , Georgine Yorgey , Frank Young ,

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Farmers make tough decisions all the time—it comes with the territory. When that territory includes the dryland region of the inland Pacific Northwest, decisions can be even more challenging. Fluctuating weather, varying soils, and changing pest pressures are just a few of the ongoing challenges that farmers in this region face. However, university-driven research in these production areas can provide guidance. Packed with tools, resources, and the most current research, this book supports farmers as they make decisions relating to productivity, resilience, and their bottom lines.

Department(s): Agriculture
Pages / Length: 628
Publication Date: 5-2017

Copies in Stock: 350

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