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Beneficial Insects, Spiders, and Mites in Your Garden: Who they are and how to get them to stay (Home Garden Series)
Most of the insects, spiders, and other mini-creatures that pass through or live in your garden or home landscape are beneficial—or do little to no harm to you or your plants. Only a handful of garden...

Pest Control in Home Vegetable Gardens
Chart lists insecticides registered for use on vegetables in Washington State, by vegetable from Asparagus to Turnip. ...

Fruit Handbook for Western Washington: Varieties and Culture

Basic guide for home orchards in western Washington, provides a list of tree and vine fruit varieties as well as commonly used rootstocks for successful planting. Cultural factors such as site sel...


Master Gardener Manual CD
This full-color how-to manual in CD format, includes the main text for training new Master Gardener volunteers in Washington state. Its 25 chapters cover basic gardening topics from basic botany, soil...

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