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2009 Cost Estimates of Establishing and Producing Sweet Cherries in Washington
This concise fact sheet details what type of equipment, supplies, and labor need to be considered to grow one of Washington's most profitable crops. Tables indicate how expenses vary according to sta ...

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2010 Cost of Producing Native and Scotch Spearmint Under Rill and Center Pivot Irrigation in Washington
This manuscript provides up-to-date information on the production cost of spearmint, which is used by a variety of people as benchmark of industry production costs, and to determine the feasibility o ...

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Acid Soils- How Do They Interact with Root Diseases? (Soil Acidification Series)
As soil acidification continues to be a concern for growers in the Pacific Northwest, WSU researchers are working to provide information and recommendations for how to mitigate adverse effects. Root d ...

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Best Management Practices for Summer Fallow in the World's Driest Rainfed Wheat Region
Wind erosion from excessively tilled soils is a severe problem, especially in south-central Washington. Tillage of fallow land in the world’s driest rainfed wheat production region is considered neces ...

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Biology and Management of the Potato Tuberworm in the Pacific Northwest

The potato tuberworm is an important pest worldwide, and has become a major concern for potato production in the Pacific Northwest in the last 5 years. Protecting potatoes with an integrated approa ...

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Blister Beetles: Pest or Beneficial Predator
This fact sheet assists producers in recognizing blister beetles and understanding their importance as beneficial predators, as well as their potential to be toxic to livestock. Management strategies ...

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Cabbage Seedpod Weevil Management in Canola (Oilseed Series)
As winter canola acreage increases in Washington State, the cabbage seedpod weevil is becoming a problem. In addition to canola, this tiny weevil can also feed on flixweed, tansy mustard, and whitetop ...

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Calculation of Fair Pasture Rates
When a pasture is to be rented for grazing, there are several different methods that can be used when setting the pasture rental rate. This publication discusses three methods of establishing a pastu ...

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Camelina Production in the Dryland Pacific Northwest
Interest in camelina production in the Pacific Northwest has been increasing due to recent federal programs, utilization of the crop as a broadleaf in a cereal-based rotation, opportunity for end uses ...

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Camelina: Effects of Planting Date and Method on Stand Establishment and Seed Yield
To help determine the agronomic potential of camelina as an oilseed crop, research was conducted to find the best planting date and method for optimum stand establishment and seed yield. Field experi ...

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