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Bacterial Ring Rot on Potatoes
This fact sheet outlines the disease cycle of ring rot, and approaches for sanitation and control by commercial potato growers and seed potato growers alike. ...

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Bacterial Soft Rot and Lenticel Spot on Potato Tubers
Bacterial lenticel spot is one manifestation of bacterial soft rot on potato which is initiated at tuber lenticels. Soft rot is a wet, mushy rot of plant tissues that progresses rapidly, especially wh ...

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Biofumigant Cover Cropping in Potatoes: Dale Gies (Farmer to Farmer Case Study Series)
This case study is part of the Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study project, which explores innovative approaches regional farmers are using that may increase their resilience in the face of a changing climate ...

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Biology and Management of the Potato Tuberworm in the Pacific Northwest

The potato tuberworm is an important pest worldwide, and has become a major concern for potato production in the Pacific Northwest in the last 5 years. Protecting potatoes with an integrated approa ...

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Controlling Early Season Wind Erosion in Columbia Basin Potato Fields
Wind erosion resulting in loss of topsoil from agricultural lands within the Columbia Basin is a serious problem. This fact sheet discusses the problem as seen in potato fields, and explains strategi ...

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Field Flooding for Controlling Soilborne Plant Pathogens in Western Washington
The Nature Conservancy of Washington’s Farming for Wildlife project, in cooperation with WSU, has been testing a novel concept of creating habitat for shorebirds on potato fields by employing field fl ...

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Mustard Green Manures (Replaces EB1952E)
Mustard green manures are being used by farmers to build soil quality and suppress soilborne diseases, nematodes, and weeds. In the irrigated Columbia Basin, there are two types being used: white must ...

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Potato Leaf Roll

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Causes, symptoms, and management for potato leaf roll, a viral disease which is particularly problematic in the production of late potatoes. Replaces EM2704. ...

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Potato Psyllid Vector of Zebra Chip Disease in the Pacific Northwest: Biology, Ecology, and Management
Zebra chip is a destructive disease of potatoes first recorded in the Pacific Northwest in 2011. The region's experts provide information on the bacterium, vector biology, damage from both vector and ...

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Potato Virus Y and Organic Potatoes in Western Washington
Is Potato virus Y (PVY) more widespread in organically-managed potato fields? Are there incidence of PVY in garden store outlets? Management and tips here! ...

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