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Anaerobic Digestion Effluents and Processes: The Basics
Anaerobic digesters are used worldwide to produce bioenergy and sustainably treat organic waste from municipal, industrial, and agricultural operations. This fact sheet reviews the basic elements of ...

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Calculating Chemigation Injection Rates
This fact sheet describes how to calculate injection rates for chemigation. English units are used exclusively. Many of the equations can be solved with the irrigation calculators provided at http:// ...

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Drip Irrigation for the Yard and Garden
This publication discusses how to set up a drip irrigation system for a small yard or garden space. ...

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Establishing Vegetative Filter Strips on Rill-Irrigated Row Fields
Vegetative filter strips have proven to be effective in improving water quality on rill-irrigated row crops, especially when they’re established before the crop irrigation season begins. Establishing ...

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Executive Summary of Impact Assessment - Solutions to Environmental and Economic Problems (STEEP), a USDA Special Research Grant
A 4-page overview of the impacts of the 30-year STEEP (Solutions to Economic and Environmental Problems) research and education program. ...

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Forage Productivity of Vegetative Filter Strips Established on Rill Irrigated Row Fields
Vegetative filter strips are planted strips of land that typically have grasses to act as a filter to catch and filter pollutants out of runoff water. Use of vegetative filter strips are considered a ...

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Grass Seeding Forest Roads, Skid Trails, and Landings in the Inland Northwest

Sediments are one of the main nonpoint sources of pollution for lakes, rivers, and streams in the Inland Northwest. This 8-page publication (including cover) shares strategies for protecting waters ...

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Impact Assessment - Solutions to Environmental and Economic Problems (STEEP), a USDA Special Research Grant
The 30-year STEEP (Solutions to Environmental and Economic Problems) research and education program is a nationally known endeavor developing conservation practices with a systems approach. As documen ...

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Iron in Drinking Water
Iron in drinking water, though harmless at typical household concentrations, can result in poor tasting, unattractive water that stains both plumbing fixtures and clothing, and creates unpleasant tast ...

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Livestock Management and Water Quality

This publication provides livestock owners and managers with techniques to address water quality problems. The information presented emphasizes the effects of pathogens and sediment, the pollutants ...

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