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Biological Control of Noxious Weeds

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Biological control, or biocontrol, is the ...

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Collecting and Releasing Biological Weed Control Agents
The Integrated Weed Control Project (IWCP) from Washington State University is a way for landowners and land managers to learn about biological weed control and to learn about biological agents avail ...

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IPM for the Cereal Leaf Beetle in Washington State
This bulletin describes how to identify the cereal leaf beetle (Oulema melanopus) and discusses its biology. Scouting techniques and economic thresholds are outlined, along with cultural management me ...

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Mustard Green Manures (Replaces EB1952E)
Mustard green manures are being used by farmers to build soil quality and suppress soilborne diseases, nematodes, and weeds. In the irrigated Columbia Basin, there are two types being used: white must ...

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Natural Insecticides
This publication addresses the common misconceptions associated with products labeled "natural" and "organic," and describes related insecticides intended for home gardening. Categories include biolog ...

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Pest Watch: Biological Control of Scotch Broom
Scotch broom is an invasive perennial shrub that displaces desirable plants in pastures, roadsides, and forestlands. Scotch broom is expensive to control and causes the loss of timber production and p ...

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Powdery Mildew on Sugar Beet: Importance, Identification, and Control
Powdery mildew on sugar beets can be particularly severe in arid climates, causing sugar yield losses of up to 35%. This publication describes the pathogen, its symptoms, the disease cycle and epidemi ...

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Using Entomopathogenic Nematodes for Crop Insect Pest Control
Topics covered include the life cycle of entomopathogenic (beneficial) nematodes; how they control insect pests; obtaining, using, and storing; soil conditions necessary; application preparation, equi ...

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Using Green Manures in Potato Cropping Systems (replaces EB1951E)
Looking for an innovative way to improve the quality of your soil? Consider revisiting an old technology: green manure. A green manure is a crop that is grown and then incorporated into the soil while ...

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