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Antibiotic Residues and Use Patterns on Apples and Pears
The use of antibiotics in agriculture is under scrutiny because of concerns about the potential for development of resistance to medical antibiotics. This publication discusses the use of antibiotics ...

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Aquatic Pest Control
Describes state and federal regulations involving pest control in aquatic environments. Acute and indirect effects of aquatic pesticide use. Management of aquatic vegetation, pest fish, mosquitoes, bl ...

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DVD Set-Sprayer Prep & Calibration
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Sprayer Prep with John & Daryl 25 minute DVD Discusses sprayer set up, label requirements, principles of nozzling, pressure, and s ...

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How Soil pH affects the Activity and Persistence of Herbicides (Soil Acidification Series)
This publication discusses how decreasing soil pH contributes to increased instances of herbicide persistence and categorizes commonly used herbicides as either a weak acid, weak base, cationic, noni ...

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How to Reduce Bee Poisoning from Pesticides
Provides an overview of how a variety of wild and managed bees and their pollination activities are affected by pesticide application. Includes guidelines for how beekeepers, growers, and pesticide ap ...

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Integrated Management of Downy Brome in Winter Wheat

Downy brome (Bromus tectorum L.), also known as cheatgrass, is especially troublesome in low precipitation production areas where crop rotations are mostly limited to winter wheat followed by a yea ...

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Integrated Pest Management for Turfgrass (video)

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Watch, listen, and learn about the 5 cultural practices essential to successful turfgrass management: mowing, fertilization, ...

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Introduction to Insect and Disease Management
A study guide for managers of agricultural and ornamental plant pests. Covers management principles, insect biology, classification, and descriptions; discussion of insecticides and special precaution ...

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Los Principios de Manejo de las Malezas en Césped y Plantas Ornamentales (Washington Pesticide Laws and Safety, Turf and Ornamental Weed Management Principles and Agricultural Weed Management Principles)
This manual is intended as a study guide for Spanish-reading individuals who need materials supporting pesticide licensing exams on Washington Laws and Safety, Turf and Ornamental Weed, Agricultural W ...

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Manipuladores de plaguicidas y la norma de protección (Pesticide Handlers and the Worker Protection Standard)
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Este video explica las normas de protección del trabajador y su aplicación a los manejadores de pesticidas. ...

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