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2018 Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruits in Washington
This publication outlines examples of pesticides registered on orchard insect, disease, and weed pests in Washington State. Efficacy and toxicity charts. Control timing by bud, bloom, and harvest stag ...

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2018 PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook

Visit the companion site for updates and ordering information.

A comprehensive guide to plant disease management ...

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Acid Soils- How Do They Interact with Root Diseases? (Soil Acidification Series)
As soil acidification continues to be a concern for growers in the Pacific Northwest, WSU researchers are working to provide information and recommendations for how to mitigate adverse effects. Root d ...

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Alternative Sources of Potato virus Y in Western Washington
Three common sources of Potato Virus Y in western Washington: learn what they are and how to manage this threat in this Technical Bulletin. ...

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Apple Scab
Apple scab is a fungal disease that is most common in areas of high rainfall and relative humidity. Spots and lesions develop on leaves and fruit. Illustrations identify symptoms and describe the fung ...

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Apple-And-Thorn Skeletonizer

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Following mild winters, the apple-and-thorn skeletonizer, Eutromula pariana, can be a serious pest in home orchards. It affects all fruit growing areas of Washington state. ...

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Ascochyta Blight of Faba Bean
Ascochyta blight is a plant disease that negatively affects faba bean worldwide: learn to identify and manage this fungal pathogen. ...

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Bacterial Ring Rot on Potatoes
This fact sheet outlines the disease cycle of ring rot, and approaches for sanitation and control by commercial potato growers and seed potato growers alike. ...

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Bacterial Soft Rot and Lenticel Spot on Potato Tubers
Bacterial lenticel spot is one manifestation of bacterial soft rot on potato which is initiated at tuber lenticels. Soft rot is a wet, mushy rot of plant tissues that progresses rapidly, especially wh ...

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Biofumigant Cover Cropping in Potatoes: Dale Gies (Farmer to Farmer Case Study Series)
This case study is part of the Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study project, which explores innovative approaches regional farmers are using that may increase their resilience in the face of a changing climate ...

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