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2017 Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruits in Washington

Anticipated availability for the printed version of the 2017 Crop Protection Guide is April 1, 2017. In the meantime, you can view the current 2017 guide information online at

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2017 Pest Management Guide for Grapes in Washington
Guide to control of diseases, insects, weeds, and vertebrate pests on commercial grapes. Weed controls - both soil-active and foliage-applied herbicides - are outlined for new and established planting ...

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2017 PNW Insect Management Handbook

Visit the companion site for all updates and more information.

A comprehensive guide to insect management in commercial crops and environmen ...

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2018 Cranberry Pest Management Guide
Charts and text list and describe chemical control measures suggested for the more common insect pests and diseases of cranberries in Washington State, and chemical compatibility. (Annual) ...

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Apple-And-Thorn Skeletonizer

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Following mild winters, the apple-and-thorn skeletonizer, Eutromula pariana, can be a serious pest in home orchards. It affects all fruit growing areas of Washington state. ...

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Biofumigant Cover Cropping in Potatoes: Dale Gies (Farmer to Farmer Case Study Series)
This case study is part of the Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study project, which explores innovative approaches regional farmers are using that may increase their resilience in the face of a changing climate ...

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Biology and Management of the Potato Tuberworm in the Pacific Northwest

The potato tuberworm is an important pest worldwide, and has become a major concern for potato production in the Pacific Northwest in the last 5 years. Protecting potatoes with an integrated approa ...

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Biology of Hop Looper and its Natural Enemies

The hop looper is a native noctuid moth that was first reported as a pest of hops in the mid-1800s, but until recently has generally been regarded as a relatively minor and sporadic problem. Howeve ...

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Bronze Birch Borer
Planting birch trees as ornamentals has resulted in the spread of the bronze birch borer (Agrilus anxius Gory). Full color photographs and discussion cover symptoms, life history, stages from e ...

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Cabbage Seedpod Weevil Management in Canola (Oilseed Series)
As winter canola acreage increases in Washington State, the cabbage seedpod weevil is becoming a problem. In addition to canola, this tiny weevil can also feed on flixweed, tansy mustard, and whitetop ...

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