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Anobiid Beetles in Structures

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The anobiid beetles can cause a lot of structural damage to wooden buildings before being discovered because they are usually out of sight. Hemicoelus gibbicollis (Le ...

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Carpenter Ants: Their Biology and Control
Descriptions, drawings, and color photos of carpenter ants in different stages and habitats. Colony and damage photos included. Cultural and chemical control methods. No products recommended. ...

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Common Spiders of Washington (Replaces EB1548)
Spiders are commonly found in the Pacific Northwest. These photos and descriptions of common varieties should ease fears over encounters in darkened hallways. ...

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El control de polillas: Las bolas de naftalina y ostros metodos

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European Earwig Prevention and Control

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The European earwig, Forficula auricularia, can become a serious pest in many parts of Washington. Color photographs and diagrams accompany clear, brief descriptions of thei ...

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Fungus Gnats

Fungus gnats are small gray-black flies usually found in houses near plants or windows. In times of population explosion, they will feed on plant roots. Here are visual references with a text that ...

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Interior Plantscape Pest Control
Interior plantings include a wide range of ornamentals inside structures: homes, restaurants, malls, office buildings, hospitals, and apartments, as examples. Pesticide resistance and appropiate pesti ...

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Mothballs: Proper Use and Alternative Controls for Clothes Moths

Clothes moth behavior is described to help identify potential problems and solutions related to this pest. The chemical makeup of mothballs and similar products to control clothes moths requires st ...

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Odorous House Ant

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Tapinoma sessile (Say), the odorous house ant, is a widely distributed native species found throughout the United States, in Canada, and Mexico. The common name of this ...

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Pest Watch: Lily Leaf Beetle (Home Garden Series)
The lily leaf beetle (LLB) was recently discovered in King County, Washington State, infesting landscaped lily plants. LLB is a highly destructive pest of cultivated lilies and can also infest native ...

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