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Break-even Analysis of Small-Scale Production of Pastured Organic Poultry
Data from five years of trials at Washington State University were used to compare costs and returns for pastured organic broilers using two strains of Cornish Cross meat birds, the industry standard. ...

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Creating Farmer Networks: A Toolkit for Promoting Vibrant Farm Communities
A detailed guide for farmers, Extension agents, community organizers, and other agricultural professionals interested in starting and maintaining a professional network to help ensure business success ...

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Estimación del Rendimiento del Viñedo (Vineyard Yield Estimation)
Esta guía ofrece una visión general de los diferentes métodos de estimación del rendimiento utilizados en la producción comercial de uva tanto para jugo como para vino. Los factores discutidos en este ...

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Vineyard Yield Estimation
This guide provides an overview of the various yield estimation methods used in commercial grape production for both juice and wine. Factors discussed include timing, crop load, vine balance, and cro ...

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WSU Farm Record Book
This record book provides a basis for: (1) determining gross income, expenses, and net income; (2) analyzing which enterprises are most profitable and where improvements need to be made: (3) making in ...

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