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Accepted Here! Food Access Programs at Washington State Farmers Markets
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) are designed to provide individuals and families in need with access to food and a more healthful d ...

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Agritourism: Cultivating Tourists on the Farm

As the population becomes more removed from agriculture and its rural roots, many people long for some connection with farms, nature, and rural experiences. Simultaneously, many farmers are experie ...

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Commercial Red Raspberry Production in the Pacific Northwest

Commercial red raspberry production is popular and successful in western Oregon and Washington, and on small acreages throughout the eastern parts of these states and in Idaho. This publication des ...

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Creating Farmer Networks: A Toolkit for Promoting Vibrant Farm Communities
A detailed guide for farmers, Extension agents, community organizers, and other agricultural professionals interested in starting and maintaining a professional network to help ensure business success ...

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Cut Flower Prices at Farmers Markets: A Bouquet Pricing Study
Farmers markets are a popular direct marketing channel for many small-scale cut flower growers in Washington state. We studied cut flower prices at six farmers markets in late summer 2012 and report t ...

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Cut Flowers: Basic Production and Marketing
Growing cut flowers requires an understanding of what makes a flower marketable. This publication analyzes the production, harvest, and marketing of cut flowers, including how to prevent diseases and ...

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Digested Fiber Solids: Methods for Adding Value (Anaerobic Digestion Series)
Add value to your anaerobic digestion system by focusing on the digested fibrous solids. Separating fiber from effluent can be the first step to creating numerous value-added products. This publicatio ...

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Farm-direct Marketing: Food Safety and Product Quality
This is the new, eighth publication in the Farm-direct Marketing set. Includes information on aspects of keeping your products fresh and safe, such as proper cooling, handling, and storage, chilling a ...

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Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing, Part 1: An Overview
This revision summarizes benefits, drawbacks, and requirements of several direct marketing options, including farmers markets, farm or roadside stands, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), U-pick, w ...

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Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing, Part 2: Production and Marketing Costs
This revision covers how to do a general budget analysis for your farm-direct enterprise. Includes how to identify fixed and variable costs and do a breakeven analysis. ...

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