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2008 Estimated Costs and Returns for a 150-Head Cow-calf to Grass-finished Beef Production System in the Channelled Scablands Range Area of East-central Washington
In response to the popularity of grass-finished beef, this publication provides a production budget analysis using both ranch-owned and leased forage sources in eastern Washington to determine profita ...

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Beef Chart
A poster, 17 in. x 23 in., that shows the outward parts of beef cattle anatomy. ...

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Beef Management Calendar 2014

This calendar has been developed to assist you in formulating an overall management plan for your beef operation.

Utilize the calendar to schedule various management practices and farm-related ...

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Beef, Pork, and Lamb Checkoffs: Fairs and Youth Shows Responsibilities To Collect
Federal law mandates that all producers (adult or youth) selling cattle, pigs, or sheep for any reason, regardless of purpose, age, or sex of the animal, must pay “Checkoff” dues assessments. This fa ...

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Calculation of Fair Pasture Rates
When a pasture is to be rented for grazing, there are several different methods that can be used when setting the pasture rental rate. This publication discusses three methods of establishing a pastu ...

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Cattle Vaccine Handling and Management Guidelines
Recent research indicates vaccine efficacy is at risk due to improper handling and storage by retailers and livestock producers. Following these guidelines will help ensure effective disease immunity ...

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Dual-Purpose Winter Canola in the Pacific Northwest: Forage Management (Oilseed Series)
As the name suggests, dual-purpose winter canola serves two purposes: fall forage or silage and grain harvest. Canola forage could be advantageous in the inland PNW where late summer and fall pasture ...

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Dual-Purpose Winter Canola in the Pacific Northwest: Silage Production (Oilseed Series)
Dual-purpose winter canola is gaining attention, and recent research has begun to illustrate its potential. As the name suggests, dual-purpose winter canola serves two purposes: fall forage or silage ...

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Feeding Beef Cattle I: The Realities of Low-Quality Forages
For beef cattle producers, the need to control feeding costs is always contemporary. As hay and grain prices rise, there is typically renewed interest in replacing the high-cost feeds with low-quality ...

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Feeding Beef Cattle II: Fetal Programming--Rethinking Cow/Calf Feeding Programs
Optimizing the reproductive performance of beef cows and growth of the offspring through nutrition is of paramount importance. Management practices that are employed today may have benefits in the sho ...

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