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Blister Beetles: Pest or Beneficial Predator
This fact sheet assists producers in recognizing blister beetles and understanding their importance as beneficial predators, as well as their potential to be toxic to livestock. Management strategies ...

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Dairy Calf Treatment for Diarrhea: Are the Drugs We Use Effective?
The deaths of more than 50% of pre-weaned dairy heifers in the US are attributed to diarrhea. With a focus on the use of drugs to treat dairy calfhood illnesses, this publication aims to assist dairy ...

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Dairy Calves and Their Environment: Improving Health, Welfare, and Performance
This publication provides the background and science behind current recommendations for dairy calf housing and environmental management. It also includes an assessment tool for evaluating a calf’s en ...

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Dehorn Calves with Paste / Descornar Terneras con Pasta

Brief overview in English and Spanish of an easy, effective, economical method to dehorn calves with minimal stress to the animal.

Produced by Oregon State University. Reviewed by WSU speciali ...

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Feeding Beef Cattle I: The Realities of Low-Quality Forages
For beef cattle producers, the need to control feeding costs is always contemporary. As hay and grain prices rise, there is typically renewed interest in replacing the high-cost feeds with low-quality ...

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Feeding Meat-type Chickens

Guidelines for feeding small flocks of meat-type chickens. Includes a discussion of standard versus organic feeds, mixing feeds at home, and alternatives to traditional ingredients.

Produced by ...

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Feed-ology: How to read a feed tag
Purchasing commercial feeds, whether a complete feed, supplement, base-mix or a premix, can be very confusing. Knowing how to read feed tags and selecting the most appropriate feed to use to meet the ...

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Group Housing Preweaned Dairy Calves: Socialization vs. Disease Transmission
Research on calf behavior has shed light on the potential effects of individual versus pair or group housing. This publication provides a brief summary of the advantages and disadvantages of calf grou ...

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Livestock Pests Study Guide
Specialists describe life history of common insect pests of cattle, poultry, sheep, goats, horses, and swine. Symptoms to watch for and consequences of infestation are presented. Authors discuss cultu ...

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Management Practices to Mitigate Livestock Heat Stress
Livestock can experience heat stress during hot weather, particularly if the heat is prolonged or temperatures are extremely high. Heat stress can reduce livestock feed intake, growth, production, rep ...

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