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Beef, Pork, and Lamb Checkoffs: Fairs and Youth Shows Responsibilities To Collect
Federal law mandates that all producers (adult or youth) selling cattle, pigs, or sheep for any reason, regardless of purpose, age, or sex of the animal, must pay “Checkoff” dues assessments. This fa ...

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Biosecurity: For the Sheep Shearer
Club lamb fungus, contagious foot rot, and other diseases affect both sheep and humans: learn to mitigate these, and others, in this publication. ...

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Control of Sheep Keds
The scientific name of the sheep ked, or tick, is Melophagus ovinus. This pest affects the health of domestic or mountain sheep and goats, causing damage to skin and wool, in some cases up to a ...

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Farming the Northwest series: Tube Feeding Neonatal Small Ruminants

This publication gives a complete overview of the topic of tube feeding neonatal lambs and kids. Relevant anatomy, indications, and techniques are presented. Photographs illustrate the techniques ...

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Fencing Considerations for Livestock Owners
Fencing is an integral part of a livestock or equine operation, and very important for the safety and welfare of animals and producers. This publication provides information to aid producers in making ...

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Healing the Land Through Multi-Species Grazing
Depicts a 2-year collaborative implementation of multi-species grazing (cattle, sheep, goats) as a tool in an integrated approach to control noxious weeds in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and California. ...

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Livestock Management and Water Quality

This publication provides livestock owners and managers with techniques to address water quality problems. The information presented emphasizes the effects of pathogens and sediment, the pollutants ...

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Management Practices to Mitigate Livestock Heat Stress
Livestock can experience heat stress during hot weather, particularly if the heat is prolonged or temperatures are extremely high. Heat stress can reduce livestock feed intake, growth, production, rep ...

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Nitrate Poisoning in Ruminants
This fact sheet provides information on nitrate poisoning in livestock, including sources, high risk situations, symptoms, treatment, and prevention. ...

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On-farm Composting of Large Animal Mortalities

Composting can be a safe and effective method for disposing of on-farm mortalities when the correct procedures are followed and the system is managed well. This bulletin provides the necessary info ...

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