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Livestock Management and Water Quality

This publication provides livestock owners and managers with techniques to address water quality problems. The information presented emphasizes the effects of pathogens and sediment, the pollutants ...

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Management Practices to Mitigate Livestock Heat Stress
Livestock can experience heat stress during hot weather, particularly if the heat is prolonged or temperatures are extremely high. Heat stress can reduce livestock feed intake, growth, production, rep ...

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On-farm Composting of Large Animal Mortalities

Composting can be a safe and effective method for disposing of on-farm mortalities when the correct procedures are followed and the system is managed well. This bulletin provides the necessary info ...

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Parasite Control in Youth Market Hog Projects
This short fact sheet was written for youth pork producers. It describes signs of swine parasitism, lists common swine internal parasites, includes generic names of approved swine dewormers and mentio ...

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Practical Biosecurity Recommendations for Farm Tour Hosts
This publication was written for livestock producers who would like to open their farms to the public for tours or educational workshops, yet reduce disease risks potentially associated with such visi ...

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Quality Assurance and Animal Care Youth Education Program
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This video was designed to educate young people in animal care and quality assurance. ...

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Washington Hog of Merit

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Topics include: purpose of program, requirements for the WA Hog of Merit and Pork Carcass of Merit, changes in merit requirements, placement of carcasses, procedure and defi ...

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