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Cat Anatomy & Physiology Unit 3
Knowledge of the cat's body and how it functions is important to cat owners and is critical to the pet's daily care. It will also be helpful when giving information to a veterinarian and in treating c ...

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Management Practices to Mitigate Livestock Heat Stress
Livestock can experience heat stress during hot weather, particularly if the heat is prolonged or temperatures are extremely high. Heat stress can reduce livestock feed intake, growth, production, rep ...

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Raising Rabbits: Helpful Suggestions for Beginners
Designed to get the beginner off to a good start, this introduces all types of rabbit breeding for meat, fur, wool, laboratory use, and show. Covers purchasing stock, proper housing, caring for the ra ...

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Snailcase Bagworm
These pests can attach to house siding or autos so tightly that they damage the paint when removed. They can devastate many types of plants. Hard to detect, small, and often resembling a small dirt cl ...

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PNW 699
The Western Oregon and Washington Pasture Calendar
This publication describes—by climatic zone—perennial pasture plant growth and how management actions can affect growth, both positively and negatively. Optimal management of forages by season is the ...

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