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Anaerobic Co-Digestion on Dairies in Washington State: The solid waste handling permit exemption (Anaerobic Digestion Systems Series)
This fact sheet briefly reviews the role of co-digestion within anaerobic digestion (AD), explains the potential regulatory concerns, and details the solid waste handling permit exemption conditions. ...

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Anaerobic Digestion Effluents and Processes: The Basics
Anaerobic digesters are used worldwide to produce bioenergy and sustainably treat organic waste from municipal, industrial, and agricultural operations. This fact sheet reviews the basic elements of ...

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Approaches to Nutrient Recovery from Dairy Manure (Anaerobic Digestion Systems Series)
This Extension manual supports the dairy industry and its partners through exploration of nutrient recovery from manure after anaerobic digestion. ...

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Biogas Upgrading on Dairy Digesters (Anaerobic Digestion Systems Series)
This publication is part of the Anaerobic Digestion Systems Series, which aims to provide information that improves decision-making for anaerobic digestion systems.

This fact sheet is to provide ...

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Date, Rate and Place: The Field Book for Dairy Manure Applicators
This publication provides recording keeping sheets and examples for manure applications on dairy farms. Examples are provided for a number of different manure handling systems. ...

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Digested Fiber Solids: Methods for Adding Value (Anaerobic Digestion Series)
Add value to your anaerobic digestion system by focusing on the digested fibrous solids. Separating fiber from effluent can be the first step to creating numerous value-added products. This publicatio ...

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Fertilizing with Manure
Are you thinking about using manure to fertilize your farm but want more information? Properly managed manure applications recycle nutrients to crops, improve soil quality, and protect water quality. ...

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Nutrient Recovery: Products from Dairy Manure to Improve Soil Fertility
Manure can be a valuable source of nitrogen and phosphorous: learn to recover these nutrients and others through better dairy manure management here. ...

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