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Elaboración de conservas de tomates y productos de tomates

Se deben usar métodos seguros para el envase de tomates o productos de tomate. Como resultado de nuevos hallazgos de investigación y cambios en las variedades de tomates, las recomendaciones para ...

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Fruit Handbook for Western Washington-PDF
This is the PDF download for EB0937 (1.07 MB)

Basic guide for home orchards in western Washington, provides a list of tree and vine fruit varieties as well as commonly used rootstocks for successful ...

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Hard Cider Production & Orchard Management in the Pacific Northwest
This is the PDF Download of PNW621 (3.20 MB).

Making hard cider for both commercial and private enjoyment is the target of renewed interest in areas that are well suited to growing apples. Th ...

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Hard Cider Production and Orchard Management in the Pacific Northwest
Making hard cider for both commercial and private enjoyment is the target of renewed interest in areas that are well suited to growing apples. This manual provides basic information on the many consi ...

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Large Raspberry Aphid (Amphorophora agathonica)
Large raspberry aphid, Amphorophora agathonica, is an important pest in red and black raspberries in the Pacific Northwest. It transmits plant viruses that cause decreased cane vigor and fruit qualit ...

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Marketing Alternatives for Fresh Produce

New marketing opportunities for Pacific Northwest vegetable and fruit growers are exciting and inventive. Increased public desire for nutritious and minimally processed food grown locally and susta ...

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Pollination and Pollinator Protection (Home Garden Series)
Pollination is a critical process that most plants need to set seeds and produce fruit. Understanding pollination ecology is important for both commercial growers and home gardeners; however, this pu ...

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Superficial Scald Risk Assessment Assay for Apples
The aim of this publications is to rank apple storage rooms for the risk of superficial scald development by quantifying the conjugated trienols (oxidation product that causes scald symptoms) in the p ...

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Sweet Cherry Cultivars for the Fresh Market

Describes dark red and blush sweet cherry cultivars, including harvest timing, color when ripe, suggested pollinizers and rootstocks, size, firmness, yield potential, and other traits. Includes a c ...

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Sweet Cherry Rootstocks for the Pacific Northwest

Provides an overview of 10 different rootstocks, including their average sizes, soil preferences, water needs, sensitivity to winter temperatures, and susceptibility to diseases. Graft compatibili ...

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