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Anaerobic Digestion Effluents and Processes: The Basics
Anaerobic digesters are used worldwide to produce bioenergy and sustainably treat organic waste from municipal, industrial, and agricultural operations. This fact sheet reviews the basic elements of ...

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Antibiotic Residues and Use Patterns on Apples and Pears
The use of antibiotics in agriculture is under scrutiny because of concerns about the potential for development of resistance to medical antibiotics. This publication discusses the use of antibiotics ...

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Big Game From Hunt to Home

For your next hunting trip, the information in this bulletin will make sure the meat you bring home will be high quality. Meat from big game animals (deer, antelope, elk, moose, and bear) is a nutr ...

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Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing, Part 1: An Overview
This revision summarizes benefits, drawbacks, and requirements of several direct marketing options, including farmers markets, farm or roadside stands, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), U-pick, w ...

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Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing, Part 2: Production and Marketing Costs
This revision covers how to do a general budget analysis for your farm-direct enterprise. Includes how to identify fixed and variable costs and do a breakeven analysis. ...

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Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing, Part 3: Merchandising, Pricing, Promotion
This revision discusses the strategies direct marketers use to make sales. It includes making a merchandising plan, display and packaging, customer service, pricing strategies and techniques, and prom ...

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Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing, Part 4: Place of Business and Product Quality
The three big factors are location, convenience, and parking. Here are basic suggestions for picking your site. It also suggests storage, display, and product quality protection. Sanitation, inventory ...

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Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing, Part 5: Personnel Management
This revision includes information on complying with labor laws, ways to find good employees, employee orientation and training, employee policies, and employee management. ...

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Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing, Part 6: Financial Management
This revision looks at several aspects of a successful farm-direct enterprise, including benefits of good farm financial planning, explanation of important terms used in financial planning, keys to su ...

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Feeding Meat-type Chickens

Guidelines for feeding small flocks of meat-type chickens. Includes a discussion of standard versus organic feeds, mixing feeds at home, and alternatives to traditional ingredients.

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