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An Introduction to Midwifery Care and Out-of-Hospital Birth in Washington State for Consumers, Policy Makers, and Health and Human Service Professionals
Midwives are becoming more in-demand, but what is the extent of services that they provide? Learn more about midwifery, including services, statistics of use in Washington state, and other facts relat ...

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Ayudar a los niños a adaptarse al divorcio
Con el fin de ayudar a los niños a manejar los cambios que pueden ocurrir antes, durante, o después de un divorcio, los padres, cuidadores y otros adultos seguros e involucrados deben comprender el de ...

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Basic Information on Health and Care Options for Women in Their Childbearing Years
All women should have access to basic information on pregnancy nutrition and health care. This publication offers current guidelines on nutrition and weight gain for healthy pregnancy as well as infan ...

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Helping Children Adjust to Divorce
In order to help children handle changes that can happen before, during, or after a divorce, parents, caregivers, and other safe, involved adults must understand children’s development as well as thei ...

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How Economic Crisis Affects Medical Expenditures
Is it possible to connect job insecurity to depression? According to a recent study, the answer is yes. The purpose of this document is to identify a connection between depression induced by concerns ...

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Provisions of the Affordable Care Act and Washington’s Health Insurance Exchange
The federal Affordable Healthcare Act is massive and complex. For Washington residents and employers who are looking for information or just want to get health insurance, this publication gives a very ...

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