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4-H Club/Group Program Planning Book
A workbook that helps 4-H groups plan activities and meetings. Includes worksheets. ...

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4-H Leader's Guide to Handling Funds in the 4-H Youth Development Program

The purpose of this manual is to show the 4-H club treasurer how to do his or her job. Section 1 prepares you to do the treasurer's job. Section 2 helps you prepare a budget. Section 3 shows you ho ...

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4-H Order Form for Member Materials
A form for ordering 4-H member materials. ...

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4-H Secretary's Book
This is the record of your 4-H club. Includes: what the club plans to do in the coming year, a club constitution and by-laws, the duties of the various 4-H club officers, forms on which to list commit ...

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4-H Youth Development Treasurer's Book
A handbook for 4-H treasurers. Has hints for fund-raising, record-keeping, dues. Includes ledger. ...

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A Guide to EffectiveYouth/Adult Partnerships on Councils, Associations, and Committees

This publication is a guide for youth who serve on 4-H councils, associations, and committees as well as the volunteer and professional adults who work with them. ...

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Bread Baking Record
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For 4-H'ers. ...

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Food Preservation Record
used to record amount and type of foods preserved and the techniques used. ...

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Garden Record
Includes place to plot garden design and records of planting, experiments, inventory, income, and expenses. ...

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How You Can Help Your Child in 4-H
Brochure, 4 x 8.5 in., 2-page brochure about getting started in 4-H and how parents can help their children in 4-H. ...

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