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Advanced Livestock Science
Contents include: animal nutrition, feed pathways and nutrient requirements, digestion, metabolism, animal reproduction, how inheritance works and heritability of traits, improving: beef herds, swine ...

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Animal Science Record
Sheet that records inventory, expenses, and income from an animal science project. ...

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Beef Chart
A poster, 17 in. x 23 in., that shows the outward parts of beef cattle anatomy. ...

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Breeding Livestock Record.
Worksheet for keeping track of costs and returns on 4-H breeding livestock projects. ...

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How to Make a Rope Halter
This is now replaced with 4-h 104 from OSU

A step-by-step guide to tying adjustable rope halters for dairy or beef cattle. Each step is illustrated with photographs. Reprinted from a 4-H Club bull ...

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Judging Beef Cattle and Oral Reasons 101

This publication will help interested youth and adults understand the five basic criteria in the meat industry for selecting a beef animal, as well as proper note-taking format and the structure of ...

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Livestock Judging Guide

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Management Practices to Mitigate Livestock Heat Stress
Livestock can experience heat stress during hot weather, particularly if the heat is prolonged or temperatures are extremely high. Heat stress can reduce livestock feed intake, growth, production, rep ...

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Market Livestock Record
Worksheets for keeping track of costs and returns on 4-H market livestock projects. ...

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Meating the Grade: Raising Market-Ready 4-H Beef Projects
Market steers are a popular 4-H project with many youth. While youth learn to select, feed, manage, and show their market animal, they also develop many important life skills. They learn how to solve ...

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