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Dog Project Record
For 4-Her's in the dog project. A 2-page record for: dog's profile, record of shots and medicines administered, training and exhibit record, and summary of expenses by yearly quarter. ...

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Guide Dog Puppy Project Record
A record for the 4-Her's service dog/puppy project. ...

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Guidelines for Judging the WA State 4-H Dog Obedience Program

This Class has been developed as an intermediary class between the Novice Obedience Class and the Graduate Novice Obedience Class. ...

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Rabies Vaccination Certificate

This publication replaces C1105E ...

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The Complete AKC Dog Book for Kids
This book has big, full-color photos of every AKC-recognized breed. It also uses language that is easy to understand. They have made every effort to make a reference book you would enjoy and come back ...

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Washington State 4-H Dog Obedience Program - Agility Release Form

Online Only. ...

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Washington State 4-H Dog Obedience Program - Open Score Sheet

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