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4-H Challenge Rock Climbing Leaders Manual

This manual is designed to supplement the 4-H Challenge Manual and support 4-H Leader Rock Climbing Training. It covers the skill competencies required to lead 4-H rock climbing activities, types ...

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Camp Long Low Course Pocket Safety Guide (Adventure Education Series)
This manual is a reference for facilitators of the WSU Extension 4-H Challenge Course at Camp Long. It is not a replacement for training. It offers facilitators a broad overview of the common theoreti ...

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Outdoor Survival (LG)
This publication contains some supplemental outdoor survival information for 4-H leaders of this project. Also included are activities, demonstrations, and teaching instructions. ...

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Timeless Traditions: Conducting Council Circles in a Modern World
Experienced facilitators may benefit from Council Circles: learn to work towards a shared group goal by seeking consensus through subjective experience. ...

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Washington State University 4-H Challenge Course (LG)
Life skills can give youth a positive self-concept and teach them effective interpersonal relations, sound decision making, and good physical development. Developed through the 4-H component of Extens ...

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