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Color: Expressive Arts
Part of a series. Explains basics of using color in arts and crafts. Activities include making candles, batik, tie-dye, patchwork, painting eggshells, watercolor, drying flowers, and preserving leaves ...

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Creative You, Unit 1, Expressive Arts
This manual may be used as a resource for the Expressive Arts projects. It can help you: think of new ways to do things, understand basic art principles, understand cultural values, develop a career i ...

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Expressive Arts--Shape
This manual is about two-dimensional shape--the kind of shape you could draw or paint on a surface. Illustrations. ...

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Learning About Line, Unit 2, Expressive Arts
Sections include: mirror images, line collage, braided belt, seed strings, weaving activities, string art with nails, crayon sgraffito, drawing activity, how to make a design larger or smaller, letter ...

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Make Up Your Own Mind
A self-determined project allows you to plan what you want to do and learn in 4-H, regardless of the subject. By reading this guide, you'll save effort and time planning your project. ...

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Needlework Record
Used to show what was made. ...

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Photo Label
These are to be displayed with photo at shows and exhibits. ...

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Photography Record
Records inventory, activities, expenses, income, and film use. ...

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Self-Determined Projects--4-H Leader Guide
A guide for leaders to help 4-H members set up and complete independent projects. Includes principles of learning. ...

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Texture, Unit 6, Expressive Arts
Projects/topics include: texture rubbings, petting zoo, papermaking, mosaics, macrame sampler, rya (ree-ah), drawing texture, and a glossary. Illustrated. ...

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