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4-H Archery Record

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4-H Shooting Sports Record Book

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Adventures in Family Living (Leader's Guide)
This project introduces four phases of family living to 4-Her's: foods and nutrition, clothing, child care, and home environment and furnishings. Activities suggested are a guide to help you and the m ...

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Adventures in Family Living (Member Manual)
This 4-H project publication involves preparing nutritious foods, sewing simple patterns, teaching young children with play activities, and creating useful decorations for your room. Each section expl ...

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Adventures in Family Living Record
Sheet to record member's achievements in Family Living program. ...

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Clothing Construction Record
Used to record types of garments made. ...

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Dinner Is Served: An Etiquette Guide
A publication with illustrations all about the etiquette for informal and formal dinners. Topics include: responsibilities of host/hostess and guest, table settings and service, table linens, seating ...

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Fashion Modeling Your 4-H Garment
Simply wearing clothes is modeling. You are always on display, whether you are on the street, in your home, at school, on the job, at play, traveling, or at parties. The techniques of poise and charm ...

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If you're interested in clothing, you'll want to know about the central role interfacings play in making a garment appear professional. This publication not only explains the basic principles involved ...

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Make Up Your Own Mind
A self-determined project allows you to plan what you want to do and learn in 4-H, regardless of the subject. By reading this guide, you'll save effort and time planning your project. ...

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