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Certificate of Appreciation: Clothing and Textile Advisor
For volunteer service to the Clothing and Textile Advisor Program. Online Only. ...

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Costura Rapida
Es una publicación que muestra varios proyectos rápidos que han sido utilizados con éxito en ambientes 4-H en el Estado de Washington. Cualquiera que sea su ambiente, un campamento de costura, una clí ...

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El control de polillas: Las bolas de naftalina y ostros metodos

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If you're interested in clothing, you'll want to know about the central role interfacings play in making a garment appear professional. This publication not only explains the basic principles involved ...

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Mothballs: Proper Use and Alternative Controls for Clothes Moths

Clothes moth behavior is described to help identify potential problems and solutions related to this pest. The chemical makeup of mothballs and similar products to control clothes moths requires st ...

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Sewing Skills Checklist
This publication is designed for 4-H'ers enrolled in the Clothing Program. Its purpose is to help you plan sewing activities to constantly stretch your sewing abilities. Numerous skills are listed, be ...

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