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Calculation of Fair Pasture Rates
When a pasture is to be rented for grazing, there are several different methods that can be used when setting the pasture rental rate. This publication discusses three methods of establishing a pastu ...

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Genetically Engineered Alfalfa and Feral Alfalfa Plants: What Should Growers Know?
Alfalfa is the world’s most important forage crop, and the western US is its most important production area. Feral alfalfa is common and can potentially lower the genetic purity of alfalfa seed and cu ...

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Organic Alfalfa Management Guide

Looking to switch to organic alfalfa production? This management guide details the considerations and procedures for doing so. Organic alfalfa producers must follow rules established by USDA Nation ...

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Vegetable Fodder and Forage Crops for Small-Scale Livestock Production: Carrots
This fact sheet is part of a series that presents production information for growing a variety of vegetables in western Washington to supplement nutrition for livestock. Cultivars, soil characteristi ...

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Vegetative Filter Strip Use as a Rill-Irrigated Best Management Practice
Water quality is an important aspect of irrigation, but it can be difficult to achieve. On rill-irrigated row crops, vegetative filter strips can be effective as a best management practice for improvi ...

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