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Agricultural Weed Management Principles
Covers basic information on weed laws, weed classification and biology, and management principles used to control weeds in agricultural cropland, associated noncropland, or rangeland. Authors discuss ...

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Aquatic Pest Control
Describes state and federal regulations involving pest control in aquatic environments. Acute and indirect effects of aquatic pesticide use. Management of aquatic vegetation, pest fish, mosquitoes, bl ...

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Interior Plantscape Pest Control
Interior plantings include a wide range of ornamentals inside structures: homes, restaurants, malls, office buildings, hospitals, and apartments, as examples. Pesticide resistance and appropiate pesti ...

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Introduction to Insect and Disease Management
A study guide for managers of agricultural and ornamental plant pests. Covers management principles, insect biology, classification, and descriptions; discussion of insecticides and special precaution ...

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Livestock Pests Study Guide
Specialists describe life history of common insect pests of cattle, poultry, sheep, goats, horses, and swine. Symptoms to watch for and consequences of infestation are presented. Authors discuss cultu ...

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Los Principios de Manejo de las Malezas en Césped y Plantas Ornamentales (Washington Pesticide Laws and Safety, Turf and Ornamental Weed Management Principles and Agricultural Weed Management Principles)
This manual is intended as a study guide for Spanish-reading individuals who need materials supporting pesticide licensing exams on Washington Laws and Safety, Turf and Ornamental Weed, Agricultural W ...

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Manual para Aplicadores Privados de Pesticidas (Private Applicator Pesticide Education Manual)
Cubiertas federales y leyes del pesticida del estado de Washington, formulaciones del pesticida, información de la etiqueta, peligros del pesticida y preocupaciones de la salud, uso seguro de pesticid ...

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Pacific Northwest Wildlife Management Basics for Pesticide Applicator Licensing
This training manual is for pesticide applicators and/or consultants seeking a pesticide license category for managing problem wildlife in agricultural or urban environments. It introduces readers to ...

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Pest Management Study Manual for Pest Control Operators

This manual is intended to help beginning pest control operators prepare for Washington State pesticide licensing exams. Basic concepts of pest management, identification, biology, and behavior of ...

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Private Applicator Pesticide Education Manual

Covers federal and Washington State pesticide laws, pesticide formulations, label information, pesticide hazards and health concerns, safe use of pesticides to protect people, the environment, nont ...

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