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Biofuel Economics and Policy For Washington State
This report is a comprehensive response to 2007 Washington State legislation (HB 1303) that tasked Washington State University to 1) analyze the types and corresponding amounts of biofuel in the stat ...

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Building Occupant Energy Efficiency Ideas
The importance of getting building occupants to help save energy cannot be underestimated. That means everyone working in office buildings, such as accountants, secretaries, engineers, and other po ...

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Holiday Lights: LED and Fiber Optics
Decorating with “holiday lights” is becoming more of a year-round activity. As more lighting is used and as energy rates climb, consumers find that decorating with lights is costing more. Most peo ...

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Hybrid Poplar as a Wastewater and Biosolids Management Tool: An Environmental Application of the MWMC’s Biocycle Farm (Case studies for poplar/willow roadmap EM115E)
This publication is part of the poplar/willow Environmental Applications series: innovation in bioenergy, remediation, and wastewater treatment. ...

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Overview of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in Washington State
In recent years a number of hydrogen and fuel cell efforts have developed in the state of Washington. However, there has been no organized effort for our state or multi-state region. This is in con ...

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Principles of Heat Transfer
In an ideal world, the potential energy savings due to controlling radiation losses and gains might be large. In reality, there are many factors that impact how effective these products are. ...

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Residential Energy Efficiency Resources
Compare your home's energy efficiency to similar homes across the country and get recommendations for energy-saving home improvements. ...

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Residential Heat Pump Water Heaters
Heat pumps are a well-established technology for space heating. The same principle of transferring heat is at work in heat pump water heaters (HPWHs) except that the heat they extract from air (in ...

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Resource Efficiency Manager - A Strategy for the 21st Century

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Workforce Challenges of Electrical Sector Employees in Washington and Oregon
The primary purpose of this study was to understand the employment and training needs of electric-sector employers in the Pacific Northwest region. The study focused on five occupational groups that ...

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