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Biofumigant Cover Cropping in Potatoes: Dale Gies (Farmer to Farmer Case Study Series)
This case study is part of the Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study project, which explores innovative approaches regional farmers are using that may increase their resilience in the face of a changing climate ...

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Clover Root Curculio in Alfalfa: Identification, Biology, and Management
This publication will help growers in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon design an integrated pest management (IPM) program for Sitona hispidulus, a pest of alfalfa and clover that occurs throughout the Un ...

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Conservation Tillage in a Winter Wheat - Fallow System, Ron Jirava (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series)
Ron Jirava’s approach to conservation tillage helps his farm to remain economically viable. Learn more in this farmer-to-farmer case study. ...

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Deficit irrigation of a diverse irrigated rotation: Jake Madison (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series)
In this series, explore innovative approaches regional farmers are using that may increase their resilience in the face of a changing climate. ...

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Determining the Gross Amount of Water Applied --Surface Irrigation
This bulletin, the size of a 3X5 card, has a table of water measurement over a Cipoletti weir, as well as examples for determining the gross amount of water applied in surface irrigation. ...

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Drought Advisory: Tree Fruit
The following information highlights critical management concerns and possible options in managing fruit trees under drought conditions. ...

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Drought Advisory: Water Conservation in Gardens and Landscapes
Past droughts and threats of droughts in Washington have caused concern about survival of garden and landscape plants. These include many woody trees and shrubs, vegetables, bulbs, and bedding pla ...

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Drought Advisory: Water Conservation, Weed Control Go Hand in Hand
WSU Drought Advisory: Controlling weeds greatly reduces water loss in crops. Many weeds, such as ragweed, sunflower, lambsquarter, and Russian thistle, use more water than crops like wheat, corn, and ...

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Enhancing Crop Diversity: Steve and Becky Camp (Farmer to Farmer Case Study Series)
Steve and Becky Camp farm near LaCrosse, Washington, in an area receiving about 12–14 inches of annual precipitation. In this publication, the Camps discuss their strategy for diversifying and intensi ...

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Flex Cropping: Bill Jepsen (Farmer to Farmer Case Study Series)
Bill Jepson farms in northeastern Oregon, in an area receiving 12 inches or less of annual precipitation. In this publication, Bill Jepson discusses his operation’s strategy for flex cropping to make ...

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