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Healing the Land Through Multi-Species Grazing


A noxious weed invasion is underway on the rangelands of the western United States that is causing significant problems in the form of ecosystem and bio-diversity damage resulting in a reduction in the carrying capacity of grazing animals. The expenditure of millions of dollars on control measures has not been successful; these measures have had negative impacts on livestock producers' profitability and, in some cases, have caused environmental problems. This DVD is about the use of multi-species grazing (cattle, sheep, goats) as a tool in an integrated approach to the control of noxious weeds. It depicts the activities of a 2-year regional project funded by the USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Professional Development program. Thirty participants from four states (Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and California) took part in this project. They represented state/federal agencies, extension, county weed boards and ranchers. The first year was devoted primarily to a series of workshops that taught the principles of holistic decision-making, grazing planning, low-cost cow-calf production and monitoring. The second year emphasized the collaborative design and implementation of on-the-ground projects that integrated the principles learned. Three of these projects are described in this DVD. 37 minutes.

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Publication Date: 2004-05-01
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