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Agritourism: Cultivating Tourists on the Farm

Curtis Beus ,

As the population becomes more removed from agriculture and its rural roots, many people long for some connection with farms, nature, and rural experiences. Simultaneously, many farmers are experiencing extreme financial pressures and need to diversify their income sources in order to stay in agriculture. Consequently, agritourism is a growing phenomenon in the United States and many other nations. This fully illustrated color bulletin provides information about the agritourism industry and outlines many of the issues, opportunities, and potential problems that those contemplating an agritourism operation need to consider. Among the topics covered are tourism trends, local niches for agritourism, social skills for working with the public, location, aesthetics, insurance, safety, regulations, neighbor relations, labor, animal welfare, financial management, marketing, and advertising.

Department(s): Agriculture
Pages / Length: 32
Publication Date: 2008-07-01

Copies in Stock: 364

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