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Wheat and Canola Rotations in Eastern Washington Intermediate Rainfall Regions 12" to 16" (Oilseed Series)

Jennifer R. Connolly , Vicki McCracken , Kathleen Painter ,
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This publication explains how to use a custom Excel spreadsheet to estimate the costs and returns for an enterprise involving wheat and canola grown in rotation in parts of eastern Washington that have intermediate rainfall (12 to 16 inches annually).

Inserting canola into traditional rotations may affect overall farm costs and returns due to changes in chemical use, weed control in subsequent crops, machinery operations to handle stubble, and the like. Some farmers have experienced increases in wheat yields after growing canola. Growers can adapt the Excel workbook budgets to compare costs and returns between canola and non-canola rotations.

Department(s): Agriculture
Pages / Length: 6
Publication Date: 2-2016

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