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Pest Management Study Manual for Pest Control Operators

Carol Black , Art Antonelli , Terry Whitworth , Carrie R. Foss , Daniel A. Suomi ,

This manual is intended to help beginning pest control operators prepare for Washington State pesticide licensing exams. Basic concepts of pest management, identification, biology, and behavior of pest are discussed. Designed as a reference, sections include: termites, ants, other wood-associated pests, cockroaches, food and fabric pests, nuisance pests, medically important insects and other arthropods, vertebrate pests, and a taxonomic index of common and scientific names. Wood-destroying organism inspection checklists and regulations are provided, as are information on pesticide safety and hazards, and the pest control technician's role.
Used in pesticide training for:

  1. Washington State Department of Agriculture Pest Control Operators (PCO) General licensing exam,
  2. Washington State Department of Agriculture Pest Control Operators (PCO) Structural licensing exam, and
  3. Washington State Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control Inspector licensing exam.

Department(s): Agriculture
Pages / Length: 142
Revision Date: 05-2019
Publication Date: 1996-06-00
Copies in Stock: 506

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