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2006 Cost of Producing Alfalfa Seed in the Columbia Basin of Washington State
The general objective of this study was to develop enterprise budgets for alfalfa seed production within the Columbia Basin. ...

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Best Management Practices for Construction of Sand-Based, Natural Athletic Fields for Football and Soccer
Sand-based, natural turfgrass and synthetic surfaces are the two best options for athletic fields in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Comparatively, natural fields are less expensive to construct and repl ...

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Best Management Practices for Maintaining Sand-Based, Natural Grass Athletic Fields
This publication recommends specific ways to manage sand-based fields, which require more frequent fertilization, irrigation, and cultivation for proper maintenance than native soil fields. Replaces P ...

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Blister Beetles: Pest or Beneficial Predator
This fact sheet assists producers in recognizing blister beetles and understanding their importance as beneficial predators, as well as their potential to be toxic to livestock. Management strategies ...

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Calculation of Fair Pasture Rates
When a pasture is to be rented for grazing, there are several different methods that can be used when setting the pasture rental rate. This publication discusses three methods of establishing a pastu ...

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Camelina: Effects of Planting Date and Method on Stand Establishment and Seed Yield
To help determine the agronomic potential of camelina as an oilseed crop, research was conducted to find the best planting date and method for optimum stand establishment and seed yield. Field experi ...

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Dual-Purpose Winter Canola in the Pacific Northwest: Silage Production (Oilseed Series)
Dual-purpose winter canola is gaining attention, and recent research has begun to illustrate its potential. As the name suggests, dual-purpose winter canola serves two purposes: fall forage or silage ...

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Establishing Vegetative Filter Strips on Rill-Irrigated Row Fields
Vegetative filter strips have proven to be effective in improving water quality on rill-irrigated row crops, especially when they’re established before the crop irrigation season begins. Establishing ...

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Genetically Engineered Alfalfa and Feral Alfalfa Plants: What Should Growers Know?
Alfalfa is the world’s most important forage crop, and the western US is its most important production area. Feral alfalfa is common and can potentially lower the genetic purity of alfalfa seed and cu ...

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Haymaking on the Westside/Farming West of the Cascades Series
Reality indicates good quality hay can be produced on the west side of Washington State with proper knowledge, skills, equipment, storage, and perhaps a bit of luck. Aside from luck, this publicaiton ...

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