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Baby Corn
With a crisp texture and a subtle, slightly sweet corn flavor, this delicious veggie is surprisingly easy to cultivate — learn how here. ...

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Baby-Leaf Salad Green Production Guide for Western Washington.
Lettuce is the top-grossing fresh market vegetable crop in the United States, with salad mixes featuring baby-leaf greens becoming increasingly popular among consumers who desire to eat healthy, conve ...

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Blister Beetles: Pest or Beneficial Predator
This fact sheet assists producers in recognizing blister beetles and understanding their importance as beneficial predators, as well as their potential to be toxic to livestock. Management strategies ...

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Caterpillar Pests of the Cabbage Family
The imported cabbage worm, diamondback moth, several loopers, and a number of cutworms and armyworms all thrive on members of the cabbage family [broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussel sprouts, collards ...

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Commercial Dry Bean Production in Western Washington
This publication provides an overview of bean production in western Washington, including marketing, variety selection, crop management, and production methods appropriate for small- and mid-scale pro ...

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Common Bacterial Blight and Halo Blight: Two Bacterial Diseases of Phytosanitary Significance for Bean Crops in Washington State
This fact sheet has been prepared to increase awareness of seed-borne bacterial diseases that afflict bean plants—both edible bean crops and bean seed crops. ...

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Fertilizing Farmland with Yard Trimmings from Landscape Maintenance
Yard trimmings are a beneficial soil amendment that supply plant nutrients and organic matter. They have been successfully used in the production of a variety of annual and perennial crops in Washingt ...

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Growing Eggplant in Home Gardens (Home Garden Series)
Eggplant is a warm-season crop and requires a longer growing season. It’s not difficult to grow eggplant in Washington gardens, but gardeners need to know the basics of this warm-weather plant for a s ...

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Growing Parsnips in Western Washington
Flies, worms, cankers, and cracking: these are common problems afflicting parsnips. So, what are the best management practices? Find out here! ...

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Growing Wasabi in the Pacific Northwest

As part of the Farming the Northwest series, this color-illustrated publication describes wasabi cultivar selection, propagation methods, growing environments, irrigation and fertilizer needs, plan ...

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