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2009 Cost of Producing Alfalfa Hay Under Center Pivot Irrigation in the Columbia Basin of Washington State
The enterprise budgets presented in this publication are based on alfalfa produced in the Big Bend of the Columbia River in south central Washington. Cost estimates are provided for both 1-ton and 2-t ...

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2013 "Otto" vs. "Xerpha" Study--With and Without Fungicide Application
In 2012–2013, four on-farm tests were established in Adams County, Washington, to investigate the performance of two wheat cultivars, Otto and Xerpha, both with and without fungicide application. Otto ...

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Agritourism: Cultivating Tourists on the Farm

As the population becomes more removed from agriculture and its rural roots, many people long for some connection with farms, nature, and rural experiences. Simultaneously, many farmers are experie ...

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An Economic Analysis of Three Soil Improvement Practices in the Columbia Basin, Washington State
Compost, cover crops, or no-till/min-till? Get a cost and benefits comparison of all three in this publication. ...

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An Economic Comparison of No-till Annual Rotations to Conventional Winter Wheat-Fallow in Adams County, WA 2005

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Paper presents an economic comparison of six no-till crop rotations versus conventional winter wheat-summer fallow system. The no-till systems are far less profitable and exhib ...

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Anaerobic Digester Project and System Modifications: An Economic Analysis (Anaerobic Digestion Systems Series)
This publication briefly reviews "Renewable Natural Gas and Nutrient Recovery Feasibility for DeRuyter Dairy," a report prepared for the Washington State Department of Commerce. You will be introduce ...

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Anaerobic Digestion Effluents and Processes: The Basics
Anaerobic digesters are used worldwide to produce bioenergy and sustainably treat organic waste from municipal, industrial, and agricultural operations. This fact sheet reviews the basic elements of ...

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Best Management Practices for Summer Fallow in the World's Driest Rainfed Wheat Region
Wind erosion from excessively tilled soils is a severe problem, especially in south-central Washington. Tillage of fallow land in the world’s driest rainfed wheat production region is considered neces ...

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Break-even Analysis of Small-Scale Production of Pastured Organic Poultry
Data from five years of trials at Washington State University were used to compare costs and returns for pastured organic broilers using two strains of Cornish Cross meat birds, the industry standard. ...

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Bulk Winery Investment and Operating Costs

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Rather than bottling and marketing, some wineries find shipment of unfermented wine grape juice in 100,000- and 300,000-gallon lots in the bulk wine market provides an outlet f ...

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