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Iron in Drinking Water
Iron in drinking water, though harmless at typical household concentrations, can result in poor tasting, unattractive water that stains both plumbing fixtures and clothing, and creates unpleasant tast ...

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Livestock Management and Water Quality

This publication provides livestock owners and managers with techniques to address water quality problems. The information presented emphasizes the effects of pathogens and sediment, the pollutants ...

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Producer Guide to Biosolids Quality
Biosolids are the material produced from anaerobic digestion of sewage at city wastewater treatment plants. Biosolids may be spread over land for plant fertilization and soil conditioning. This publi ...

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The Rationale for Recovery of Phosphorus and Nitrogen from Dairy Manure (Anaerobic Digestion Systems Series)
This publication explains the main environmental and economic reasons for implementing emerging phosphorus and nitrogen nutrient recovery technologies on dairies, with a particular focus on the wester ...

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