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Antibiotic Residues and Use Patterns on Apples and Pears
The use of antibiotics in agriculture is under scrutiny because of concerns about the potential for development of resistance to medical antibiotics. This publication discusses the use of antibiotics ...

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Elaboración de conservas de tomates y productos de tomates

Se deben usar métodos seguros para el envase de tomates o productos de tomate. Como resultado de nuevos hallazgos de investigación y cambios en las variedades de tomates, las recomendaciones para ...

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Food Preservation Resources
This 4-page brochure lists web and print resources for food safety and canning/food preservation. ...

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Pack Food Safety in Your Lunch
Not only is packing a lunch quick and healthy, it is also cost-effective. Learn best practices for how to correctly pack a lunch to minimize food-borne illness. ...

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Parasite Control in Youth Market Hog Projects
This short fact sheet was written for youth pork producers. It describes signs of swine parasitism, lists common swine internal parasites, includes generic names of approved swine dewormers and mentio ...

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Practical Biosecurity Recommendations for Farm Tour Hosts
This publication was written for livestock producers who would like to open their farms to the public for tours or educational workshops, yet reduce disease risks potentially associated with such visi ...

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Preventive Controls for Human Food: An Overview
The safety of the food that we process and serve to the public is very important. Keeping our food safe in the production, packaging, and distribution and until it reaches the consumer is critical. Th ...

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The Case of the Rubber Chicken
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"The Case of the Rubber Chicken" is an amusing and informative look at food safety in the kitchen. Enjoy "Salmonella Sally's" antics as ...

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Tips for Marketing Quality Salmon Harvests Direct to the Customer
Selling direct to the customer can be rewarding for a commercial salmon fisherman, with higher returns per pound and good relationships with appreciative customers. To be successful, suppliers must pr ...

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What You Need to Know About Botulism and Canned Foods
Though foodborne botulism is rare, it is deadly serious. Most cases of foodborne botulism are the result of eating improperly processed home-canned foods. This publication provides basic facts and tip ...

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