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Buffalograss for Use in Central Washington
This factsheet discusses the suitability of Buffalograss for low maintenance turf in central Washington and includes information on establishment, seeding, irrigation, mowing, fertilization, weed mana ...

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Drought Tolerant Landscaping for Washington State (Home Garden Series)
This publication is meant to assist homeowners with the selection and management of appropriate plants, sites, soils, and hardscapes to create a drought-tolerant landscape. It provides a lists and pho ...

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Fine Fescues for Home Lawns in Washington (Home Garden Series)
Fine-leaf fescues are some of the most drought- and shade-tolerant of the cool season grasses that are suitable for home lawns. Fine fescues are moderately wear-tolerant and can be used in a mixture w ...

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Home Lawns
Publication contents include: starting a new lawn, grasses to plant, seeding recommendations, lawn maintenance, disease, insect, and weed control. B/W photos. ...

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Home Water-Saving Methods
Water-saving devices and tips can reduce water use in the home. Faucets, shower heads, toilets, pressure-reducing valves, insulation, point-of-use water heaters, washing machines, and automatic dishwa ...

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Kentucky Bluegrass for Use in Home Lawns in Washington (Home Garden Series)
Kentucky bluegrass is the most commonly used lawn grass in the northern United States. It is very wear tolerant and, therefore, it is used in high traffic areas in central and eastern Washington. This ...

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Organic soil amendments in yards and gardens: How much is enough? (Home Garden Series)
Organic soil amendments can benefit most garden soils, however, applying too much can waste money, increase the risk of harming water quality, and even harm plants. This fact sheet describes the benef ...

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Phosphorus and Home Lawns: Quick Facts and Recommendations (Home Garden Series)
Phosphorus (P) is an essential plant nutrient, but it is also a potential pollutant. Phosphorus fertilization helps maintain healthy lawns growing in P-deficient soils, but P runoff into lakes and st ...

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Turfgrass Seeding Recommendations for the Pacific Northwest
Explains the terms associated with applying turfgrass seed and provides tables that list scientifically tested differences in seeding rates for the cultivars most suited to specific areas of Washingto ...

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Vole Management in Home Backyards and Gardens (Home Garden Series)
Our native PNW voles undergo periodic population explosions during which time they cause extensive damage within their home ranges. This fact sheet will help identify voles and the damage they cause a ...

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