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Berries for the Inland Northwest
Berries and grapes offer many opportunities for Inland Northwest gardeners to expand their food gardens. Sections include: growing berries and grapes, blueberries, currants and gooseberries, grapes, s ...

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Blueberry Cultivars for the Pacific Northwest

This publication describes northern highbush, southern highbush, rabbiteye, lowbush, and half-high blueberry cultivars. It includes information on commercial value and identifies which cultivars wo ...

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Codling Moth and Your Backyard Fruit Tree
The codling moth is a key pest in apple, pear, crabapple, and Oriental pear trees across the state of Washington. This publication provides information on the life cycle of the pest and management str ...

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Fruit Handbook for Western Washington: Varieties and Culture

Basic guide for home orchards in western Washington, provides a list of tree and vine fruit varieties as well as commonly used rootstocks for successful planting. Cultural factors such as site sel ...

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Gardening in the Inland Northwest
This gardening book is written expressly for Inland Northwest gardeners, with respect to climate, growing season, and soil. It is for vegetable and fruit gardeners. Some topics include pests and disea ...

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Growing Kiwi Fruit
Good sources of Vitamin C, kiwifruit grow on vines, and will survive in the Northwest. Authors provide an evaluation of kiwi species they have tested. Site selection, vineyard planting and establishme ...

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Growing Small Fruits for the Home Garden (Home Garden Series)- Replaces EB1640
Backyard gardens in Washington State can yield a wide array of berries and other small fruits. This publication provides details on how to choose, plant, and maintain some of the most popular home-gro ...

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Inorganic Fertilizers for Home Garden Vegetables and Fruits in Central Washington (Home Garden Series)
To maintain high yields of fruits and vegetables, it is essential to supplement garden crops with inorganic fertilizer. This publication provides gardeners with information on how to read inorganic fe ...

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Lingonberry Production Guide for the Pacific Northwest

Lingonberries are native to Scandinavia, Europe, Alaska, and northeastern Canada, but are not widely cultivated. Known commercial lingonberry acreage is less than 100 acres worldwide, and one-third ...

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Organic Pest Management in Backyard Fruit Trees and Berry Patches
The goal of this publication is to provide gardeners in the Pacific Northwest with an organic approach to keep their home grown tree fruit and berries pest free. This approach begins with proper plant ...

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